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I took some time off yesterday to go on a long walk with my sister and Kano. It was beautiful out and the sun was so warm. It would get chilly in the shade but once we walked back into the sun we were warm again. There was a lot of taking my scarf on and off. Lately I haven’t spent as much time outside as I would like to, I am working on changing that.

Soon I will have jewelry to share. I have some exciting new things in the works. There will be a sneak peek next week. It feels so good to be thinking about my own jewelry again. I truly love creating. I won’t say that it is easy and there are not struggles in the process but for the most part being a maker and working with metal is the best gift I have found. tink tink tink (that the sound of my hammer hitting the metal)

Well since I didn’t get to share the photos from yesterday before the weather changed. This is what it looks like outside today.



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On new years eve we took a walk right before the sun went down. It was magical. What beautiful mountains and river. It is easy to focus on all the bad things and get consumed by what is difficult in my life. Going on a hike really helps me to focus back on what is important.